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Clean Rooms construction

Using high end materials and previous work experience, Modawa provide health care facilities with highly equipped clean rooms with world up to date standards where sterile products can be compounded to deliver highly safe medication to their patients.

CSPF operation

Modawa implements the concept of compounding sterile preparations inside hospitals where premium quality is the essence framework of CSPF (Compounding Sterile Products Facility) operation through high standard materials, well trained clinical pharmacists and quality assurance for each operation step.

Sterile products prepared for IV administration under strict sterile conditions are Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), IV drug admixing and Vitamin drips.

Nowadays, total parenteral nutrition became a cornerstone in managing health situations where patients are unable to have their necessary nutrients through regular way, using customized approach where each patient receives a special formula according to his needs.

Also according to modern pharmaco-economic approaches, using sterile conditions in preparing and storing IV drugs helps to save budget to the health care institution by lowering waste of medications

Pharmacies Operation

Reaching consumers with elite pharmaceutical services is in our future plan to establish an iconic pharmacy chain where high quality service is integrated with supplying consumers with all requested medical and clinical information.





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